Minimal Viable Product for Big Data

Big data promises marketers the opportunity of measuring more data then an organization can use by measuring actions on a large scale the following:

  • Increase in brand awareness from a tv ad
  • Decrease in cost for call centers by using an e-commerce solution
  • Increase in Facebook fans from a sweepstakes
  • Website traffic and purchases made from a visitor that clicked on a paid banner ad
  • Revenue generated from a Facebook share  a plethora of other activity that contribute to a company’s objectives
  • Increase in email subscribers from a decreased frequency of email communication

There are three major obstacles for this type of data making an impact within an organization.  This site will keep these three problems top of mind, but the first series of posts will describe how a minimal viable product for big data can be developed leveraging existing resources and open-source (free!) software hence eliminating costly infrastructure investment (2) .

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Data-Driven Culture
  3. Talent