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scott mcevilly


My name is Scott McEvilly and I’m an aspiring data scientist who has been analyzing marketing campaigns for 10 years, not an astronaut as my picture shows.

I have been employed or consulted for organizations like MGM Mirage, the American Medical Association and companies in the mortgage, financial, recreational vehicles, pet e-commerce, hospitality and apparel.   My role has been to mine data sources to improve marketing campaigns, gain business insights, develop products, segment customers or improve operational efficiencies.

I started working as a 12-year old bus boy at my father’s restaurant Blazo’s Restaurant & Pie Shoppe and I haven’t stopped since.  Being a son of a small business owner instills a sense of work ethic, an appreciation to a holistic business perspective and fair trade between all parties that goes beyond traditional customer to business loyalty.

I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2006 with a BA in Psychology and well-rounded coursework in liberal arts and Science like Economics, Calculus, Statistics,and Philosophy.  My education combined with experience in Marketing allows me to understand customers reactions to marketing efforts by developing hypotheses and scientifically confirming it with mined data.

My in-depth experience in mining data includes mining data from a wide variety of data sources.  I have provided many clients unique insights into these data sources and then developed unique aggregates that allow for future reporting that will continue to provide insights.

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